The concept of the Wildflowers of Alabama website was originated by Caroline R. Dean nearly 20 years ago. She developed the site into an educational tool for native plant enthusiasts along with the help of two of her sons Robert and Daniel.

It has been one of the greatest hopes of Caroline's lifetime, that by studying wildflowers and encouraging others to appreciate them, she could be successful in promoting their conservation.

She is in her mid 90's now and those who are closest to her are thankful for her comfort and warm heart. In truth, she is having difficulties with the level of dexterity and focus needed to correspond with others online.

This site is maintained by Caroline's youngest son Robert A. Dean and contains an archive of her original web site 

True to its original purpose, this site also seeks to share the beauty of wildflowers, and to promote the knowledge, appreciation, and use of native plants.

Additions to this site will soon include:

  1. Listings of commercial nurseries and growers of native flora
  2. Listings by plant specimens for sale or trade from enthusiasts
  3. Listings of regional and local societies/clubs for gardening, botany, forestry, conservation and research
  4. Listings of events and venues with a particular focus on appreciation, conservation, and or propagation of native plants
  5. A central point of contact for the development of Caroline R. Dean's writings, presentations and photography into an upcoming book.


Please direct your correspondence to the following address: